Hot Oral Sex Tips: How to Play with His Testicles to Maximise Pleasure and Start The New Year With A Bang!
Testicles (Photo Credits: Needpix)

Did your guy ask you to pay more attention to his balls while you gave him a blow job? You are confused because you play with them and now you do not know what more to do with them. Let us tell you that your man's request is far from unusual. And while you thought that you caressed their testicles well, you might not have done it the right way. Here's how you should fondle his testicles to double up the pleasure quotient.

Step 1

The next time you are giving them the oral action, take a detour and move your lips from the penis to the rest of his package. Swirl the tip of your tongue around the loose sac of the skin that surrounds their testicles. We are talking about their scrotum here. Then taking long, sweeping strokes, slowly lick their balls as if you were feasting on delicious icecream. Hot Oral Sex Tips: Foods to Eat and Avoid To Make Your Semen Taste Good!

Step 2

Next, purse your lips and intermittently suck softly on the skin. If you want, you can also take the testicles into your mouth. The vertical line in the middle of their scrotal sac is another hotspot you should not overlook. Fervishly flicking the area with your tongue will make their toes curl, and you will love to see them so damn excited! Sex Query of the Week: My Boyfriend Doesn’t Perform Oral Sex on Me, Should I Dump Him?

Step 3

Once you have sent him into a frenzy, you can work your way back to their penis as you gently loosen your grip from their balls. Some guys also like it rough but ask your guy about what they want and how they would like to be touched as this is a super-sensitive area. New Year Sex: Start 2020 With These Oral Sex, Foreplay and Penis Stimulation Tricks To Have Amazing Sex All Year!

Step 4

One tactical trick to send them reeling is to rub his perineum with your finger gently. The perineum is the nerve-packed patch of skin that is between their anus and their scrotum.

Now that you know how to get them into the orgasmic orbit, please do not shy away from fondling their balls. Trust us, they will give you more pleasure in return.