Sagar Sharma, a youth leader who has been helping the people of his father Dr Raghu Sharma's constituency who is the Health Minister of Rajasthan. He is a dynamic entrepreneur involved in the Business of Mining Granite and Marble. He is also one of the major exporters of Fantasy Brown Marble in the Rajasthan region.

Years after years Sagar Sharma has been actively working for the people in the society and had always tried to help the poor and needy people. Sagar has always been a man with a big heart. As you already know very well, our country, India is going through a very difficult time amidst this Covid-19 Pandemic. The privileged can simply survive as they have some savings with them but what about the others who earn wages per day how will they survive in this crisis? Sagar Sharma was an angel in disguise who help them cope up with these tough times. He has been providing all kinds of medical aid through sources to all needy people.  He has been a crisis manager whether it be covid or organisation issues, he has always stood for the right.

Even after helping thousands of people during covid, people have defamed Sagar. But he has never paid heed to other people and continued his social welfare work. Sagar was one of the participants of the commonwealth Youth Virtual Parliament, represented the state of Rajasthan from India. This is not only a testimony to his positive attitude towards life but his determination to keep on helping people, even in the face of hindrances.

“The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power” use your votes wisely and don’t spread hate on the basis of cast creed gender or political views, everyone should be respected irrespective of their ideologies," says Sagar

You can see Sagar Sharma’s Instagram and a Facebook wall filled with the voters and constituency people that even in covid he is going to every village to hear the problems of villagers. Therefore, people are quite grateful to Sagar as he helped them so much without even hesitating for a bit. Other than being an entrepreneur and social service worker, Sagar also enjoys driving, cooking and nature photography. Sagar has always dreamed to receive Padma Shree in social Welfare and currently is working hard to fulfil this wish of his.