The dog days of summer are quickly coming to an end, and that means it’s back to school time for children. Here are a few things you can do as a parent to keep your children looking good, their minds sharp and their bodies healthy.  

  1. Stimulate your child’s mind routinely

Busy Box Child Themed Monthly Subscription Sensory Kits keep your children mindful and engaged! These creative kits also stimulate their senses, help develop independent thinking and language skills, develop fine motor skills, build science and math skills (using skills to measure, guess, and learn about cause and effect while manipulating sensory materials). To get more info go to Busy Box Child, which is their Instagram and Facebook page handle.

  1. Keep your kids healthy on the inside too!

With a mission of keeping kids healthy, safe and ready to take on the day, Country Life Vitamins developed Gut Connection Kids - a line of digestive supplements offering personalized solutions designed specifically for kids’ growing bodies. Featuring chewable supplements and a chocolate drink powder that support children’s gut health with specific functional benefits, Gut Connection Kids targets immune, digestive, cognitive, and sleep balance. Rather than waiting until adulthood, Gut Connection Kids begins the process early to help children form healthy habits from a young age. Follow along on social Country Life Vitamins and purchase the whole line at Country Life Vitamins, their official website.

1. Make Breakfast Time More Fun!

Studies show breakfast is the most important start to your day so there’s no easier way to bring (literal) smiles to the breakfast table than Eggo’s latest innovation, Eggoji waffles! Eggoji waffles are a fun twist on the classic homestyle Eggo waffles — with playful animated faces on each waffle, they help breakfast go from being a high-pressure occasion for parents, to creating small wins for the whole family to enjoy. From the iconic smile with heart eyes or the look of tear-jerking laughter, each box of Eggoji waffles includes up to six different designs to make any plate full of emotion.  The playful expressions and familiar taste of Eggoji waffles can help ease back-to-school nerves and fuel your family for all the fun that comes with the new school year.  

2. For Your College Fashionista!

Take your hair effortlessly from the dorm room to the classroom with Bellefixe’s College Bundle, featuring many of Bellefixe’s high quality, on-trend everyday essentials. The college bundle retails for $50…that is a 54% savings. Plus shop Bellefixe’s collection of affordable headbands, scrunchies & clips to zhuzh up any look. Available at Bellefixe. We’re so excited for the new school year to start and for you to try all of these great back to school essentials! 

3. Let’s Not Forget About the Boys!

We don’t want to forget about the boys' back to school items. Especially teen boys. Stryke Club is a skincare line for teen boys. They're on a mission to help guys feel confident through simple and effective grooming products. Stryke Club was created when four moms noticed that their daughters joyfully engaged in self-care, and their sons…didn’t. Did the boys not care about appearance? Did pimples and acne not bother them? We knew better. Boys DO care. They do have feelings, insecurities, and aspirations. They just don’t have the right tools.

Enter Stryke Club. Developed by a board-certified pediatric dermatologist, they make superpower formulas with science-backed ingredients for clear, confident skin. And it's perfect for Back-to-School Time!  Use code YAHOO15 to get 15% off your first order with Stryke Club.

All of their products have been formulated by their co-founder, a pediatric dermatologist, to kill bacteria associated with breakouts without dryness or irritation. The formulas are made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates — because safety is non-negotiable. Stryke Club products were also formulated with their lifestyle in mind: fast, effective, discreet and unfussy, we know they don’t want an elaborate grooming routine. Lastly, the products aren’t embarrassing. They’re locker room worthy. With scents (or no scents), packaging, and branding designed just for guys.

These back-to-school essentials are the ones you may not have thought of. However, they can help make the transition easier this year.