Over the last 12 months, the Novel Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the world and changed the business landscape dramatically. It has altered the way we live, the way we shop and the way that consumers around the nation do business. The way that companies operate has been flipped on its head, which has caused havoc for hundreds of industries.

In these unprecedented times Xpand Digital is doing its best to help support businesses. Xpand Digital, based in Los Angeles is offering $2,000 advertising stimulus packages to help qualified local businesses.

Xpand Digital is contributing $500,000 in local marketing services to small local businesses across the nation, in order to help them to reach their local audience online.

This stimulus package will be an enormous help to local businesses who have struggled over the last 24-months due to the pandemic. It will provide them with the ability to generate their own new revenue streams, and stabilize themselves without the need for further assistance. 

“Small and medium businesses are the cornerstone of our economy, employing workers in local communities across the country. It is unfortunate that these businesses have suffered dramatically through the pandemic and we want to have their backs with this program we offer” quotes Joel House the founder of Xpand Digital. 

Xpand Digital is a Los Angeles based digital marketing company who have served hundreds of local businesses across 5 countries since their inception in 2015. And now with their stimulus package, they are becoming a foundation for supporting businesses in need. The marketing stimulus package offers eligible businesses $2,000 of one-time aid to cover the cost of local marketing services that help them to organically reach their local target audience. The program is open to both for-profit and non-for profit businesses across all industries. From local restaurants to medical providers, entertainment venues and services businesses. 

The Google My Business listing appears in the search results above the traditional organic listings and provides the business with prime real estate when customers are searching for their products or services. This will dramatically help businesses to get more phone calls, website visitors, driving directions & information requests, which result in more customers and revenue.

The approval process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. So if you are a local business who has seen your revenue affected in the last 24 months since the pandemic, then this is a great opportunity. To apply go to their official website www.xpanddigital.agency. Multiple local businesses have already applied and been approved. 

There has been an urge from political and business leaders for people to come forward and support the community. Xpand Digital has responded to the call. While this is only one option, time will tell, but whatever the future holds, expect to see Xpand Digital leading the way.