12-Week-Old Puppy 'Latte' Rescued After Being Picked Up By An Owl From His Foster Human's Backyard!
12 week old Puppy rescued after being kidnapped by a large bird (Photo Credits: Facebook)

12-week-old puppy, Latte, was snatched by a huge owl from her foster home. However, she was rescued soon as the owl dropped her at the golf course! Foster career Bonnie Ziegler, who has four puppies under her care, let out her pups in her North Scottsdale backyard when the incident took place.

The Foothills Animal Rescue recorded the incident too. Basically, Ziegler let out her puppies in the backyard to do their bathroom business. When she returned to bring the pups back inside the house, only three were present. Latte was missing, which made her realise that something bad happened. “I didn’t hear a sound and the other puppies didn’t bark. It was as if she just vanished,” Ziegler said in a statement on the rescue’s Instagram. “We immediately started searching and soon our neighbours joined in. We posted a notice on Nextdoor (a neighbourhood social networking app) in the hopes someone might find her.”

After 12 hours of disappearance, a group of golfers at the Troon Golf Club found puppy Latte injured and dehydrated under a tree near the course. They took a picture of the pup and posted it on Nextdoor which caught Ziegler's attention. Sadly, the puppy had various injuries but had no broken bones. “Incredibly, Latte survived and after a weekend at the emergency veterinary clinic, she is back with her foster family and doing well,” Foothills Animal Rescue said on Tuesday.

Rescued Pupper Latte

On the same, the Chief Engagement officer at Foothills Animal Rescue, Melissa Gable, told People, “Unfortunately it is not uncommon to see these types of predators here in our desert climate. Owls, coyotes, javelina, and bobcats have all been known to pose a potential threat to our dogs and cats,” and further added, “And in this case, even with the foster mom standing just feet away, terrible accidents can and do happen. Latte weighs 11lbs and is by no means a tiny puppy — that could easily have been a cat or other small breed dog. This serves as a very important reminder to pet owners.”

Latte is currently under foster care but is looking for a permanent home. As she recovers from her injuries caused by the owl's talons and the fall, Ziegler is looking for a parent for the puppy. A donation of $6,090 was received by the pup's supporters which cleared out all the hospital bills!