Mumbai, June 4: According to experts, aliens have been residing on Earth for an extended period and covertly assisting governments in developing spacecraft. Paul Ascough, a prominent UFO hunter, believes that these extraterrestrials have been secretly collaborating with politicians to advance our technological capabilities.

Ascough claims that a particular species of extraterrestrial beings known as "grey" aliens arrived on Earth during the Second World War and have allegedly been aiding humanity in constructing our own flying saucers. “There are several authors and investigators who believe that Western governments have colluded with the ‘grey’ Aliens to such an extent that advanced technologies have been passed down to them, and an ongoing dialogue and cooperation exists even now," said a Former Army officer Paul, who was a member of the British UFO Research Association. Aliens Living Among Us? Scientist Studying Pilots Who 'Saw' UFOs Claims Extraterrestrials Have Been on Earth for Long Time.

He asserted that it is his belief that this collusion between Western governments and Aliens has taken place since the Second World War. "Significant advancements in science, engineering, and communication have been accelerated at an extraordinary pace, and some speculate that this progress has been partially attributed to the involvement of extraterrestrial beings," he added.

Paul has re-published his findings in his book UFOs -The Real Story- Revised Edition 2023. He said anyone who witnesses these aliens would receive a visit from a real-life Men In Black. However, these Men In Black are distinctly different from the lighthearted depiction portrayed by the comedic duo of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in the 1997 film. Aliens to Make First Public Appearance on Earth in 2026? 'Time Traveller From Year 2198' Makes Sensational Claims on Arrival of Extraterrestrials.

Professor Garry Nolan, a pathology expert from Stanford University in California, has conducted research on the brains of pilots who reported witnessing unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Based on his studies, Professor Nolan has expressed his belief that aliens have been present on Earth for an extensive duration and continue to reside on our planet.

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