Two pet dogs were killed after being swarmed up by numerous bees in South Texas. The extremely unusual bee attack took place at a residence on Thursday morning. The two dogs and a few locals were attacked by the bees, which were later determined to be Africanized honey bees. According to city authorities, the bees' behavior was unusual for them as they typically don't act aggressively unless threatened or provoked. Maharashtra: Provoked by Loud DJ Music, Swarm of Bees Attack Wedding Procession in Buldhana, Over 250 Baraatis Injured (Watch Video). 

The officials explained that Africanized bees typically have a memory of three days and that they will go into high alert for three days if disturbed by someone using a lawn mower or another loud disturbance. The police suspect that someone agitated the bees, after which they started running off close to the two canines. The dogs, who were in an enclosed patio, were stung by the bees in the process. Karnataka: Fisherman Drowns in Sea After Swarm of Bees Attack Him While Casting Net To Catch Fish in Udupi.

The [dog's owner] led me into the house where the canines were, and the patio was covered in a large number of dead bees, an official told the media, noting that the man had sliding glass doors, and there were bloody paw prints and muddy footprints from the dogs' desperate attempts to enter the home.

Although the house was empty, it was obvious that someone had attempted to conceal it with foam, he added. No other injuries were recorded once the bee hive was removed.

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