As a responsible sheriff, it is a duty to inform people about the obstacles and inconveniences. But the sheriff's office in Colorado attempt of informing people about a boulder on the highway has left the internet laughing. The Colorado Highway had a big boulder which was blocking a part of the road. The sheriff’s office tweeted a helpful alert about this fallen rock but their usage of words was clearly not profound. The tweet described the rock as a "Large boulder the size of a small boulder" and the choice of words left everyone laughing. Clearly, there is no measuring unit for a boulder but using two opposite words was not helpful either, although they did attach a picture of it. Twitterati noticed the goof-up and the tweet went so viral that even the author who wrote it replied. Besides, the replies on this tweet are full of puns related to stones and rocks. Man Tweets About Meeting a Hot 'Jalepeno' Girl, Come Backs to Twitter After 10 Years to Update They Are Married!

The San Miguel Sheriff’s Office tweeted with helpful information that there was a big boulder on the Highway 145 that was blocking the eastbound lane. They wanted to send out a caution to all commuters in the area. But clearly did not make a wise choice of words when it came to describing its size. The tweet read, "Large boulder the size of a small boulder is completely blocking east-bound lane Highway 145 mm78 at Silverpick Rd. Please use caution and watch for emergency vehicles in the area." The first line was enough to make the tweet go viral with over 22 lakh likes and about 42,000 retweets. People kept laughing over it, delivering funny puns. Autistic Boy Who Asked if Someone Will Like Him Gets a Big Reason to Smile! Twitter Honours by Featuring Him in Top 19 Tweets of 2019.

Check The Viral Tweet Informing About Boulder on Colorado Highway:

Check out the funny reactions this tweet has received.

What is the Size of Measurement?

V V Large Boulder

Breaking it Into Smaller Boulders

Calculations Underway

The Pun Game Begins


Perfect GIF Doesn't....

It's a Medium Boulder

Please Stop!

News Report Be Like...

The responses are mindblowing and keep getting funnier! And with it going so viral, the person who wrote it also owned up to it.

Check The Tweet of Person Who Wrote it:

Haha! Gotta love it, right? Her response has also got over 1 lakh likes The tweet continues to go viral with more and more people adding in their funny responses. One person even commented, "This tweet should be kept in a museum." Given the number of hilarious responses, it has got we quite agree.

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