Autistic Boy Who Asked if Someone Will Like Him Gets a Big Reason to Smile! Twitter Honours by Featuring Him in Top 19 Tweets of 2019
David Bloch (Photo Credits: @dsmom58/ Twitter)

David Bloch, from Florida, was diagnosed with autism at age five along with a severe immunodeficiency disorder that prevents him from being around children or in closed spaces. He also cannot attend mainstream school because of which he is educated through a homebound hospital system. A tweet in October, 2019 changed the family’s life for better. David’s mom Kerry Bloch was shocked when his severely autistic child asked a question for the first time—“Would someone like me?” The 21-year-old otherwise talk only in single words and his first-ever question was tweeted by mom Kerry. To the family’s surprise, the Twitter world responded in love. They showered all their love and blessings to the Autistic boy, so much that now he got a big reason to smile. Twitter just honoured him by featuring David in top 19 tweets of 2019. #MerryChristmasJustin Trends on Twitter to Raise Awareness on 22q Syndrome! Who Is Justin? Know Everything About His Medical Condition. 

On October 31, Kerry shared David’s question on her Twitter account. She wrote under the handle @dsmom58, “My 21 year old autistic son has no communication skills. Today he asked me his first question ever. It was. ‘Would someone like me?’” Her tweet received a massive response, being retweeted and favourited thousands of times. Messages poured in from people across the world. Everyone tried their best to let David know, that he is not alone.

Here's the Viral Tweet:

With 2019 coming to an end, it is great to see that Kerry’s tweet was one of the top 19 tweets on Twitter. Surely, the viral tweet changed their life for the better. “David received a gift from @Twitter today in recognition of him being named one of the top 19 tweets of 2019. We are honored and David says once again, thank you for liking him,” Kerry wrote on Twitter.

Twitterat's Love For David Gets Framed!

We are so happy to see David being featured as one of the top tweets this year. Social media is not always used for good. But it is really great to see Kerry’s tweet is one of those which made the change for better. Happy tweeting, everyone!