Devotees Give Way to Ambulance During Ganesh Idol Immersion Procession, Viral Video Wins Heart
Devotees make way for ambulance in Pune (Photo Credits: ANI)

Pune, September 13: In a heartwarming incident, a procession of devotees made a passage for an ambulance on Lakshmi Road in Pune. The incident took place on Wednesday when thousands of devotees hit roads to immerse idols of Lord Ganesha. A video of the compassionate gesture by devotees went viral on social media with people praising revellers for their swift response. Viral Video of Boy Risking His Life to Guide an Ambulance Through Flooded Bridge Over Krishna River on Devadurga-Yadgir Road is Winning Hearts and HOW!

In the video, a few volunteers are seen urging people to give way to an ambulance, apparently carrying a patient. The crowd rushes to the sides and makes a passage for the ambulance. The vehicle then quickly crosses the portion and heads towards a hospital. The humane gesture by devotees earned them a lot of praise with people sharing the video on social media.

Devotees Make Way For Ambulance During Ganesh Visarjan Procession in Pune:

There have been incidents when ambulance carrying patient in critical condition gets stuck in religious procession or traffic blockade due to VIP movement. People have lost their loved ones due to such man-made hindrances. Ganesh Visarjan is a practice during which devotees immerse idols of Lord Ganesha in water. The tradition is part of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.