Viral Video of Boy Risking His Life to Guide an Ambulance Through Flooded Bridge Over Krishna River on Devadurga-Yadgir Road is Winning Hearts and HOW!
Viral Video of a Boy Risking His Life (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A viral video showing a little boy risking his life to lead an ambulance driver to cross the bridge constructed over a flooded pond will make you believe in humanity again. The bridge was flooded with Krishna River water on Devadurga-Yadgir road on Saturday morning, as per reports by The New Indian Express. The video of the boy putting his safety at stake to lead the ambulance driver over the bridge is making people applaud for the boy's deed. We've seen stupid traffic pay less head to ambulances and this boy proved it that where there is a will there is always a way. Looks like kids are braver than adults these days, did you see a Haryana School Girl ‘Reporting’ on Floods and Water Logging That Won Hearts on Twitter, Watch Viral Video?

In the video, you will see that a little boy, half drenched in flooded water braved his way to cross the flooded bridge, behind him is an ambulance that seems to be taking cues on by where the boy was heading and was able to successfully cross the flooded area. You'll clearly be able to see the effort on the boy's face. The video also captures some other men who can be seen guiding the boy and holding him immediately as he reaches the other end.

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So next time when you see an ambulance stuck in a traffic situation on roads, remember how this little boy put his safety at stake to make sure the patients reach the hospital on time. The boy is absolutely winning hearts and HOW!