Elderly Canadian Man Dials 911 By Mistake, Arrested After Police Find 100 Guns and Handguns in His House
Gun (Photo Credits: IANS)

Montreal, August 8: A Canadian man got more than he bargained for when he tried to call information -- he got arrested. The 73-year-old resident of Chebogue, a town in Nova Scotia, inadvertently dialed the 911 emergency hotline when he intended to dial 411 for information. The man told operators he had misdialled but police responded anyway to check on him. That's when they found 100 firearms -- 94 long guns and six handguns.

They were legally owned, but improperly secured, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Wednesday. The firearms were confiscated and the man was arrested on Monday for unsafe storage of a firearm. UK College Staff Scared for Their Lives As Students Come Wielding Guns, Machetes and Hammers: Study.

"It is unusual for us to discover something completely different when we arrive," Nova Scotia police spokeswoman Jennifer Clarke told AFP. "They were basically in plain view throughout the house. As soon as our officers went into the home with permission, they saw the firearms." The man, who was not named, has been released and will appear in a provincial court on October 5.