New Delhi, June 11: A post claiming to be from the Reserve Bank of India says that pressing cancel twice on the ATM before a transaction can prevent PIN theft. The post further says that if anyone has set up the keypad to steal the PIN, it will cancel the set up. The post is being widely shared and circulated on various social media platforms and is being falsely attributed to the central bank. RBI Asking Registration Fee from Beneficiaries for Transfer of Investment Fund? PIB Fact Check Reveals the Truth Behind Fake Notification.

Debunking the false information, a fact check undertaken by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) has found out that the statement is fake and has not been issued by the Reserve Bank of India. PIB further states that in order to keep the transaction secure, people should conduct the transfer in privacy and do not write PIN on the card. RBI Extends Exchange Facility For Indian Demonetised Currency Notes For Foreign Citizens? PIB Fact Check Debunks Fake Viral Message.

Fact Check By PIB:

Government and its various departments have time and again cautioned the general public regarding such false and misleading posts. People have been warned against some fake messages circulating in social media under the name of government agencies. It has been advised to cross check any such information with the relevant authorities. People should only rely on verified government sources for any information.

Fact check

PIN Theft Can Be Prevented by Pressing 'Cancel' Twice on ATM Before Transaction? PIB Debunks Viral Post Falsely Attributed to RBI, Reveals Truth
Claim :

RBI said that pressing cancel twice on ATM before a transaction can prevent PIN theft.

Conclusion :

The claim is fake and wrongly attributed to RBI.

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