A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealled to the nation on April 3 to light diyas and lamps to mark the fight against coronavirus on Sunday, a video is going viral that in Brazil also people observed “lights-outs” on April 4 and flashed their mobile torchlight. The viral video claimed that PM Modi address was broadcast in Brazil, after which Brazilians switched off the lights of their houses and used their mobile torchlights to mark fight against the deadly virus. People Light Candles, Diyas on PM Narendra Modi's Appeal to Mark Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic.

However, the video, which is now circulating on social media that Brazilians responded to PM Modi’s call, is old footage. According to India Today, a Brazilian user named "Janielly Araujo" had uploaded the video on March 24. The video has been shared more than 86,000 times, reported the media house. '9 PM, 9 Minutes': India Rises in Unison to Light Diyas to Defeat COVID-19.

Video claiming Brazilians Responded to PM Modi's Call to Light DIya:

Meanwhile, people in India turned off the lights of their houses and lit earthen lamps across the country on Sunday night, responding to PM Modi’s "9 pm, 9-min" appeal to defeat the coronavirus in the country. The Prime Minister requested everyone to switch off all lights of their houses today at "9 pm for 9 minutes" and just light candles or 'diyas'.

The Coronavirus cases surge to 4,067 in India. Over 100 people also lost their lives due to the deadly virus. Nearly, 300 people recovered from COVID-19. Currently, there are 3,666 active cases in the country. Globally, the death toll crossed 67,000 on Monday.

Fact check

Viral Video Claiming Brazilians Responded to PM Narendra Modi's Call to Light Diyas or Mobile Torchlight to Mark Fight Against Coronavirus is Old
Claim :

Viral video claimed that Brazilians switched on their mobile torchlight to mark fight against coronavirus on PM Narendra Modi's call.

Conclusion :

The video is old and is not related to the incident.

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