Fart Pills That Make Flatulence Smell Like Roses and Chocolate Every Time You Pass Wind Invented By a Very Thoughtful Frenchman
Fart pills (Photo Credits: File Image)

Farts are natural and so is the smell that comes along with them. But did you ever wish that your fart smelled of roses? If yes,  you must have surely googled "ways to make your farts smell of roses"! Here's some amazing news for you. A product actually exists that claims to make your farts smell beautiful. Before you ask "WHY ON EARTH DID WE NEED THIS?", the product is flying off the shelves! Fart pills or flatulence pills are available on Amazon and they come in various fragrances such as chocolate, ginger and roses. The formula is said to have been invented by a Frenchman who claims to have invented the pill following a particularly foul smelling meal, where his dinner guests couldn't stand the odours he was emitting. So now you can have your fart smell like chocolate to violet thanks to Christian Poincheval. The bizarre product is called PilulePet. Now You Can Buy Cushions That Stop Farts From Smelling For Rs 2,700. 

Here's a picture of the fart pill: 


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The reactions are mixed, while some are loving the idea of the product, some can't resist asking WHY?!

Here's another picture of the product in Rose flavour:


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While we don't know how to react to the new product, many people are actually loving fart pills. If flatulence pills do work, they could become a revolution! Also, we wonder if these pills have any side-effects? What do you think?