Girl Arranges a Funeral for Her Lizard! Funny Videos Leave Internet in Splits
Lizard funeral (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Funny videos of a lizard's funeral have got the internet laughing over it. The clips which were posted on Twitter shows the hilarious funeral reception which has cookies, cheese, crackers and gift baskets for the guests. It also includes a handmade cardboard sign that reads 'Thank you for your support'.ย A girl posted videos on Twitter in a series of tweets and Twitterati can't stop laughing.ย Twitterati Share Their โ€˜Dumbest Ideasโ€™ to Make the World Better but They Might Have a Point.

She writes, "So my neices lizard that she found outside died todayโ€ฆ she had the house throw a whole a** funeral for it," said Bri. She adds, "This kid went all tf out for her lizard and didnโ€™t come to play with decor or food or the burial site, this is a thread on how it went yโ€™all LMFAAOOOOOO."ย Man Pays ยฃ20 for a Boiled Egg, Tea & Toast, but Itโ€™s Totally Worth It! Viral Thread Explains Why.ย 

Here is The Video:

She shared another video where grandmother is giving a speech at the lizard's funeral, "My grannys a** gon basically dip tf out after her speech cause John Wick was on." In her tweet she writes, "She got her ass up there lying talm bout 'this lizard been in my heart for a long time' knowing damn well she lying and my nephew ass gon say 'for 2 days'."

The Children Gang Are Even Stronger:

Then Comes the Brother:

The Lizard Had to Someone Real Close to the Family!

Anyone Up For a Funeral Playlist?

As the videos went viral, people took to Twitter with pictures of funerals they had arranged for their pets. Most people commented saying that they couldn't stop laughing watching the clips. People praised the family's efforts in helping Twitterati have a good laugh. People also commended the family's sporty nature in putting up so many things for the so-called funeral together.