Twitterati Share Their ‘Dumbest Ideas’ to Make the World Better but They Might Have a Point
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Social media can never stay calm and not even act too mature for a very long time. After some hard-hitting debates, they are bound to come back with the funniest or lamest memes ever. No matter how irrelevant it might occur. Acing such thoughts, netizens are now sharing their “dumbest ideas,” apparently to make the world a better place to live in. If you have not come across the tweets yet, they are sure to blow to your mind. They are crazy. But also somewhat smart as our Twitterati might have a point. Man Pays £20 for a Boiled Egg, Tea & Toast, but It’s Totally Worth It! Viral Thread Explains Why. 

It all started by a Twitter user, @bijanstephen who prompted the possibly weirdest discussion with people scratching their heads online. The idea is to share your dumbest ideas but if implemented, the world might be a better place to live in. Initiating the online discussion, he tweeted, “i'm curious: what's the dumbest idea you have that you nevertheless believe will, if implemented, make the world a better place.” Ola Cab Driver Returns Wallet to Passenger, This Viral Thread Will Rebuild Your Faith in Humanity. 

Here's His Viral Tweet

And yes Twitterati does have a point!

Ever Thought About That?

Why Not?

Oh, Surely!

No Caption Needed for This!

So, what is your dumbest idea? Remember it has to sound dumb, but will have some impact on the improvement of the society. Keeping the light-hearted point aside, note that there are lot more people around the globe with far bigger issues that needed to be fixed first. Such as poverty, inequality and peace. How about beginning a thread for that?