Man Pays £20 for a Boiled Egg, Tea & Toast, but It’s Totally Worth It! Viral Thread Explains Why
Man Pays £20 for a Boiled Egg, Tea & Toast (Photo Credits: @steveparks/ Twitter)

A thread on Twitter is going viral, and people are loving it. A man, who paid £20 (more than Rs. 1,700), for a boiled egg, tea and toast, explained very well, why it was absolutely amazing to pay the amount. No it, is not the taste of the breakfast, which presumably be decent at least, but a good reason that the cafe in Walthamstow, north London support. As the Twitter user, Steve Parks requested, do not jump into a conclusion before reading the entire viral thread to find out, why it was absolutely worth the price for the breakfast. ‘Come, Give Me That Hug,’ Arizona Police Officer Rescues Suicidal Man With Warm Embrace. 

People in London are used to pay high prices to survive in the capital. London climbed eight places in the world’s most expensive cities ranking in 2019 and it is a home to restaurants that easily burn the hole in your pockets. So, the news, when Park stumped up £20 for the breakfast he had, he did not feel entirely unfathomable, even if it make your wallets weep. Pennsylvania Man Gives ‘Dad Hugs’ to Pittsburgh LGBTQ Parade Attendees. 

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Self Serve Service Only

Not Much to Offer

As explained, the café does not have too much to offer its customers. They only serve boiled eggs, toast, jam and porridge, along with hot beverages- Tea or Coffee.

£20 for a Boiled Egg & Soldiers?

A Shocking Stats!

One in Six People are in Low Paid

Pay What You Like, If You Like


Everybody Deserves A Good Start

As understood, the café asks customers to donate as much as they would like or able to pay when they visit. The £20 fee that Parks paid was a donation that he chose to pay not one that is compulsory for everyone. You can even pay nothing, but the café is focussed on offering an equal experience to everyone who wants to eat. As the board outside, the cafeteria say, “Everyone Deserves A Good Start to The Day,” it literally means it. All in the name of a good cause.