Here's How Penguins Give Humans Ultimate Relationship Goals! Watch This Romantic Video
Penguin couples have a lot to learn from (Photo credits: Pixabay/pamivey)

Relationships have become a complex problem among many people, mostly the youngsters today. The new age dating has become a sort of game. While humans have their own ways and thoughts to deal with relations, we may have to learn a few things from penguins. Penguins are very serious about their commitments and maybe we do need to pick up something from them. A video has been doing rounds on the internet which shows a penguin couple taking a stroll by the beach. It is adorably cute to see the two literally walking with hand-in-hand.

Penguins, the males take a lot of effort to impress a female and they strictly practice monogamy. The Antartica birds' love lives are like fairytale romances we see on screen or read in books. Their ways of finding a partner, impressing them and staying true to them will definitely bring a smile on your face.

Take a look at a penguin couple taking a walk on the beach:

Isn't the couple adorable? The video clip maybe very short but conveys so much essence of the emotion of love. The clip was shared and viewed over and over again on Twitter and people only had 'relationship goals' to seek from this couple. Not only this video, let us look at some facts about penguins and their relationships:

Impressing with a pebble: Like humans prefer giving flowers and chocolates to their loved ones, penguins are known to give pebbles to their partner. And these are not just any pebbles, a male penguin searches through a pile of rocks to find a selected special pebble, which he would give to his partner. In fact, male penguins are known to fight over selection of pebbles.


While humans relationships fall prey to the lack of good conversations and misunderstandings, penguins are known to communicate a lot with their partners. These birds are actually quite chattering ones and are said to have a lot of communication.

Shout out their love:

Penguins look happy beings because they are happy most of the times. Penguins also express their love a lot. Some typical couples like showy display of emotions and films have always romanticised the idea of screaming out 'I Love You', penguins too are said to be loud expressers. They are known to make singing like sounds as a way of expressing their love.

Faithfulness: Penguins have a monogamous way of living. They remain immensely faithful to their partners. Penguins mate with the same partner, even if it means waiting for years. In case of a death of a partner, they may look out for another penguin. Not all species of penguins are monogamous, but most of them, do wait for a single partner to spend their lives with.

Sharing responsibilities:

Penguins are also known to share responsibilities about their children. Penguins share the nurturing and feeding of their children. They even work together in building a comfortable nest for their child.

Penguins are thus very romantic, responsible, and communicative with each other, and they definitely don't need movies or counselling sessions to learn that. These birds are a lot more clear about their relationships and mating compared to us humans who get more messed up and tangle it up for ourselves. We do have a lot to learn from these birds!