How to Become a Successful Godman in India: A Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money Unethically That Should STOP!
Godman and Godwomen as new career (Photo credits: File Image)

Indians take pride in being part of a multi-religious and multi-lingual country. Hinduism alone has 33 crores deities, apparently. So imagine counting all the religions and their respective Gods; it might take days to just note them all down. It is not humanly possible to offer your prayers to each and every diety, which is where the intermediaries come into play. To make your access towards your God easier, people have styled themselves as Godmen. And guess what? The field is flourishing. There is competition even among the Godmen in the country. But these things have to be stopped as soon as possible.

It is a sad thing to state, but our Godmen earn 10 times more than the highly-educated ones in the country. It has evolved into a successful business. While startups struggle to get a funding and credible recognition, Godmen can do so without even hiring a PR for themselves. No, not all Godmen and Godwomen are crooks but we have seen the treachery of many, through news reports.

If you too have shady entrepreneurial dreams, then you might as well become a Godmen. Wondering how? Here is a step-by-step guide to go about it but we don't recommend you to actually follow this path.

Step 1: Brand Name

Shakespeare may have convincingly said "What's in a name?" but to become a Godman, everything is. You will have to decide upon a brand name and identity that act as a magnet for your future followers. Use of "Baba" and "Mata" as a prefix is a must. So choose a name that is easy but attractive and has some reference to a God. Ram for example? But it's done to death!

Step 2: Loud Appearance

Once you have your name, you need to develop an image for it. Pre-requisite for men would be growing your hair and beard. Dye it white to give an appeal. Women, you'll be bright and loud with your makeup and sartorial choice. If you are looking pale, you are not going to be able to motivate your followers. Remember, you'll have the potential to become fashion icons. You are self-styled Godman so create your style.

Step 3: Get an Ashram

You need a place to start your preaching. For starters, even a small hall will do. You need to start building an army of followers. Learn meditation because that's how you start with peaceful measures. "Preach, preach and increase your reach" should be your personal mantra. Who is Daati Maharaj? Know All About The Delhi Based Self-Proclaimed Godman And The Rape Case Against Him. 

Step 4: Ability to Defy Logic

You may have graduated with a science degree but science and basic logic are your enemies once you start preaching. To get that publicity, you need to able to churn out statements that make people go "Woah! That's something" Do not do it at all times but make your mark. Go slowly, steadily and stupidly. Viral Videos Show Nithyananda Sangha Defying Science And Albert Einstein Theory With Unbelievable 'Logic'.

Step 5: Create fear

This is probably the most important of the steps to become successful. A lot of your followers turn to you out of fear and if you have to keep them coming back, drop a little fear at the end of your advice. Make them believe that things might go wrong if they don't follow the order. The more the fear, the more is your potential to get people towards your ashram.

Step 6: Magic Tricks

Kids to elders, all are starry-eyed when they see magic tricks. Magic shows are anyway becoming less of a novelty these days. So learn some simple tricks and perform them with precision on stage. If you can do something which others can't, you have the upper hand (easier to bless). Sakshi Maharaj Inaugurates Night Club! Here are 5 Controversial Statements Made by the Self-Proclaimed Godman. 

Step 7: Army of Disciples

While agencies can hire PR professionals to get fame, you need a collective army (not just a bunch) of disciples. These are the guys who are going to defend you come what may. You are their Messenger of God (pun intended) and you should own up to it. Build that trust. This will not take much time if you are defying science and logic, time to time, leaving people spellbound.

Step 8: Moviemaking

As popular as Bollywood is in this country, Godmen movies have equal potential. You are no less than entertainers and you sure have a lot of content that can be packaged in movies. Your army is going to get the theatres filled. So do not worry.

Step 9: Handle Your Success Well

The best of successful people have been reduced to dust as fame went to their heads. So as success comes your way, learn to handle it. Yes, it can be overwhelming how you have managed to mint money. Invest in some good causes and seek that much goodwill.

These steps can definitely lead to a flourishing career in the Godmen industry. Although your sorcerous experiences may serve as a highway to success, we do not recommend you to actually go out there and do it. It is the sad reality of our country that we have this thought cross our minds resort to such measures. These are unethical measures that are playing with faith.