Inspired by Gully Boy, Indian Railways Says 'Tera Time Aayega' to Ticketless Travellers (Watch Video)
Gully Boy inspired Tera Time Ayega (Photo Credits: @PiyushGoyal Twitter)

Gully Boy has gripped the nation and everyone is trying their hands at rapping. The Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer have found an instant connect with its audience and how! As the movie rides high on popularity and box office collections, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has tweeted a fresh version of the rap song "Apna Time Aayega" aimed at ticketless travellers, which goes "Tera Time Aayega" (Your time will come). Seems Gully Boy is not just the youth's anthem, but politicians too!

This version of the song by the Indian Railways is to passengers who travel without tickets. While the background score is the same, the lyrics try to warn ticketless travellers saying they won't be spared. With photos of Travelling Ticket Examiners (TTE) checking tickets of passengers, it says "Tera Time Ayega" taking a dig at people who travel in trains without buying tickets, saying they too will get caught. The video ends saying: "Avoid ticketless travel. Use UTS App and ATVM machines to purchase tickets." Here Are The Real Gully Boy(s) Divine And Naezy Who Inspired Ranveer Singh - Alia Bhatt's Gully Boy.

Check out the tweet below:

However as the video went viral, Twitterati posed several questions at railways regarding their service. One of the comments read: 'Train Time Pe Aayega?' (When will the train come on time?). The original version of the song voiced by Ranveer Singh is about the journey of a rapper from the slums of Mumbai to becoming a national sensation.

Loosely based on the stories of popular rappers Naezy and Divine, the song traces their journey and the underground rap culture in the city. On Monday, Amul India came up with a topical ad for the movie with Apna Time Hai...Khayega! written on it. On the Box Office front, Zoya Akhtar's movie is soon expected to enter the Rs 100 crore club!