Happy International Cat Day! Aren't cats just adorable? They may be not the warmest pets but they will be around you to make your day better. Every year on August 8 Cat Day is celebrated and a day dedicated to the cute little feline sounds purrfect but do you even know why it is celebrated? The history of the day dates back to 2002 when the International Fund for Animal Welfare when the International Cat Day, also referred to as World Cat Day in some countries was initiated. Ever since the celebration only grew bigger! Cat lovers all around the world celebrate the day and a lot of countries take part in this unofficial holiday on August 8! Russia celebrates National Cat Day on March 1 whereas the U.S. celebrate both International Cat Day and their own National Cat Day on October 29.

Cat Puns are extremely popular and it is a territory from you cannot really return and before you introduce you to some really amazing cat puns you might want to know that International Cat Day is dedicated to also raising awareness about the cats and learn more about protecting them. Well, talking about cat puns, they're really addictive, once you start making cat puns you cannot stop enjoying it.

You Look furmiliar!

You Are Im-Pawsibily Cute

You Are So fur-tunate

Are You kitten Me?

Purrhaps, We Meet Soon!

How Are You feline

Why That Cattitude

You can legit make cat puns out of anything. But did you know that for International Cat Day 2020 a coalition of NGOs, volunteers and cat professionals will be working together to spread knowledge and build an understanding of the individual needs of cats? Yes,  cat lovers  all over the world will come together to celebrate and talk about cats! If you are one, get to know more cat lovers and enjoy the day.

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