Is That a UFO? Trail of White Light Spotted in Skies Over China (Watch Video)
White light in China (Photo Credits: UFOmania YouTube)

A mysterious flying object was spotted in skies of China on Thursday leaving residents bewildered. People who witnessed the incident took to social media sharing pictures and videos of a trail of white light moving in the skies. The light which appeared like a moving swoosh in the skies of Beijing, Chongqing, Shanxi and Mongolia at around 6:45 pm local time.

Following the incident, Chinese social media platform Weibo was filled with images of the trail of light moving across the sky. People expressed their shock igniting discussions of it being an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). Some also asked if it could be the aliens. Triangle Shaped UFO Spotted on US Aircraft Carrier? Hoax Busted, Here Is the Real Unedited Video.

According to a Daily Mail report, a UFO expert stated that the light in the video looked like a trail of a rocket motor. This is not the first time mysterious lights have been spotted in the sky; innumerable such incidents have been reported in the past. Reportedly someone also said that it could be the Chinese military testing a hypersonic aircraft, DF-ZF. UFO in North Carolina: Mysterious Square-Shaped Object Seen in Night Sky, Enthusiasts Suspect 'Spy Plane,' See Pic!

Watch the video here:

The report quoted leading UFO expert Nigel Watson, the author of UFOs of the First World War said that the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor. Watson said, "In both cases, they are night launches where the rocket exhaust gases look very spectacular and can easily make people think this is a UFO,' Mr Watson pointed out. Fortunately, these are examples of terrestrially produced out-of-this-world spectaculars, not the work of the notorious big-eyed greys of UFO legend."