UFO in North Carolina: Mysterious Square-Shaped Object Seen in Night Sky, Enthusiasts Suspect 'Spy Plane,' See Pic!
Mysterious object sighting in North Carolina (Photo credits: Pixabay and Facebook/Javion Hill)

UFO-like appearances in the night sky have sent people into a tizzy every time. A local resident of North Carolina managed to capture a square-shaped aircraft in the sky and the UFO hunters have started their speculations. The alleged UFO sighting was posted on Facebook by Javion Hill and he mentions it was seen on the night of August 18. UFO Spotted in China? Videos And Pictures of Bright Lights Spark Talks on Alien Life.

Javion Hill was driving on the 74 southwest of Charlotte and on the night of August 18 he saw the mysterious object during a stormy night. The image shows a square shape hovering in the sky, with its borders lightened up. Hill was so frightened that he could not sleep that night thinking about what it could have been. "I was on my way home with my wife on the speaker phone, and it looked like there was a tornado coming, so I was trying to take a picture of the clouds for my wife," he said. "But then I saw something that wasn’t normal and I was, like: ‘Oh my god, what is that?’ I started trying to take as many pictures of it as possible while I was driving," he was quoted to Charlotte ObserverAliens Did Visit The Earth? Newly Spotted UFO by Car Passengers Sparks Another Discussion.

Take a look at the mysterious object captured in the North Carolina sky:

Hill also pulled over to take a video but the aircraft disappeared, followed by a heavy rainfall. UFO enthusiasts claim it was an advanced spy plane known as 'TR-3B.' Hill speculates it could have been some kind of military plane. A non-believer in things like UFO and sorts, he was scared when he saw the object that night. North Carolina is one of the top places where alleged UFO sightings have been reported.