Jaspal Bhatti’s Old Video Goes Viral! Twitterati Hails Late Comedian as a Visionary for Predicting Karnataka Political Crisis!
Still From Jaspal Bhatti's Show Full Tension (Photo Credits: Shemaroo)

The nation is watching with incredulity over the ongoing Karnataka MLA crisis that is happening right now. Few MLA's from the Indian Nationalist Congress (INC) party have resigned and are holed up in a hotel in Mumbai. They are waiting for either Bhartiya Janta Party or INC to buy their loyalties, whoever pays the highest price and promises. And the citizens remain hapless spectators to this circus, as the state of Karnataka is going through a huge political crisis. Karnataka Political Crisis: Rebel 14 Lawmakers Write ‘Threat From Congress Leaders’ Letter to Mumbai Police, Seeks Protection.

In these times, a video from an old show is going viral for all the right reasons. The clip is taken from the serial, Full Tension that used to air in the '90s on DD National. The show was conceived by the late comedian and satirist Jaspal Bhatti, who also played the lead along with his wife, Savita Bhatti. Interestingly, Sunil Grover, before he reached the peaks of his popularity, had been a part of this show.

The clip has Bhatti who is being a powerbroker determine the sale and purchase of MLAs. Karnataka Political Crisis: Hope Dwindles For Congress-JDS Government as Rebels Refuse to Relent.

Watch The Clip Below:

Here's The Full Episode If You Are Interested:

Thanks to the Karnataka MLA fiasco, Twitterati, including politicians, are sharing the clip and hailing Jaspal Bhatti for his 'visionary prediction'.

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To be fair, MLA trading is not a new concept that has been seen in the '90s but has been going on for decades. Jaspal Bhatti, through his shows like Ulta Pulta, Flop Show and Full Tension, often made fun of government and political workings. So it is unfortunate to see that while the legendary comedian is no longer among us, the things that he used to make fun of is still haunting us and perhaps, will continue to do so for years ahead.