Optical Illusion of Hidden Animal: See If You Can Find The Answer in This Viral Image
Optical illusion (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The internet is filled with many entertaining pictures and videos. Among the interactive bits are the optical illusions which challenge the viewer's perception of a particular image. Such images are characterized by appearing to be different from supposed reality. And thanks to the social media at disposal, such confusing images spread fast to a wide audience. A new image or rather an optical illusion which features just black and white stripes has an animal hidden within. Shared on Twitter, people are tilting their heads, shaking it sideways, back and forth to find it. Let us see if you can figure out. Make-Up Artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic Makes Her Head Disappear in Optical Body Illusion (Watch Spooky Video).

The image was shared by a Twitter user named Dr Michelle Dickinson and looks like just a series of black and white stripes drawn close to each other. Staring at it for long, you will end up feeling a bit dizzy until you figure out what animal is hiding in there. You need to concentrate well, go back and forth and a bit of effort to see what it is. See if you can figure out what is hiding behind these stripes. 'Beach or a Door' Is The Latest Illusion Dividing The Internet, Check Some Other Confusing Illusionary Images That Went Viral Along With The Explanation.

Check Optical Illusion Hiding an Animal in The Image

Well, if you haven't yet figured it out, then it's a cat! But if you have already found it, then you can't unsee it. That is the fun about such images and its fun to share it along with others. Other users commented on this post, how they were just staring at their desktop in their office. Are you too doing the same? If you have found it, then go ahead challenge your friends to see if they can find the cat in here.