'Beach or a Door' Is The Latest Illusion Dividing The Internet, Check Some Other Confusing Illusionary Images That Went Viral Along With The Explanation
Some illusions that confused the internet (Photo credits: Twitter)

The internet is a funny place. It has given us some lame memes to some mind-boggling illusions. Very few people do not like taking part in the internet quizzes and puzzles but the internet has given us such puzzling images that have got everyone to participate. These confusing images display two possibilities, both of them cannot be rightly denied, thus creating an illusion. The latest photo going viral is 'beach or a door.' Is it Yanny or Laurel? Netizens are in a Frenzy Behind this Mysterious Audio Clip, Experts Reveal the Truth.

Shared on any one medium, these images go viral over every other, creating a divided opinion, wanting more and more people to join in. Every few days there comes baffling photo. So let us look at such baffling images and the possible explanations behind these.

  1. Beach or a door:

A Twitter user shared an image which clearly showed three coloured stripes of blue, green and white. She posed a question "Is this a door or a beach?" and joined in everyone to guess. Some were convinced that it was a blue door with a green and white frame, since a beach could not look so calm, without any ripples.

The explanation: The user who shared the picture, herself ended the mystery by sharing the answer. Look what it was:

2. Black and blue or White and gold dress:

A picture of this dress was posted by a Tumblr user asking people what do they see as the colour of the dress. The internet was divided as half of the people saw it as white and gold and others saw it as black and blue. It became so viral that although it happened in 2015, people still giving the dress's reference for other similar illusions.

The explanation: The retina in our eyes helps us in interpreting the colours. Depending on the light that passes through your eyes, the appearance of the colours may differ. The cones see colours and the rods sees the shades of grey, white and black. Those who saw it as black and blue had high retina cone functioning as opposed to those who saw it white and gold. Their eyes are less light sensitive.

3. Grey or Pink Sneakers:

Very similar to the colour of the dress were these Vans sneakers. Some said it looked Pink with white laces while others argued it looks grey with teal laces. Make-Up Artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic Makes Her Head Disappear in Optical Body Illusion (Watch Spooky Video). 

The explanation: The picture was taken in a bad lighting, plus the camera quality was also bad. So depending on the eye's sensitivity to the light, people saw different coloured shoes. (Very similar to that of the dress)

4. Whose hugging whom?

A picture of two friends, a boy and a girl hugging each other went viral as people were confused who is hugging whom. At first glance, it looked like the boy is hugging the girl sitting in the chair. But looking at the legs, he can't be wearing heels. So a look at it again and it became clear, who is sitting in the chair and who is hugging. Still don't get it? Read the explanation.

The explanation: The real image is the guy is wearing a checked shirt and sitting in the chair, while the girl in blue is hugging him.

5. Oily legs? 

i like the feeling of paint on my skin

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A girl posted an image of her legs and the question was whether they were oily or was it white paint marks on her legs. Users struggled to see both the perspectives.

The explanation: Well, it was the paint on the girls' leg as mentioned by the girl itself. But Twitter could not believe that it was not oil and just paint marks.

These are some of the images that have baffled the internet, divided into opinions and people have been restless to find the answers. Some of them have scientific explanations and they are just hard to believe. But well, these confusing images do come up once in a while.