#PatientsAreNotFaking Trends As People Share Horrifying Medical Experiences After TikTok Video of Nurse Mocking Patients’ Health Issues Goes Viral
Twitter Trends #PatientsAreNotFaking (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If you are active on social media, you definitely know what currently is raging the people online. And if have seen the video, even you are equally angry. A TikTok video of a nurse has recently gone viral, where she ruthlessly mocks patients over health issues. The clip has sparked debate ever since it has surfaced. Although intended to make fun content, people are not at all impressed with the Nurse’s apparent comedic video. In no time, netizens began to troll her stating her content was distasteful and disrespectful to the patients. Some even highlighted the horrific medical experiences they had where their health conditions were being ignored by professionals for a longer time. Now it has taken another twist! Twitter began to trend #PatientsAreNotFaking, accompanied by their horrifying medical experiences when doctors or nurses had let them down by ignoring or minimising their symptoms and pain. Nurse Ruthlessly Mocks Patients Over Health Issues in a Viral TikTok Video, Leaves Twitterati Shaking With Anger!

In the viral video, Danyelle Solie, who goes by the handle @DamnDRoseTweets on Twitter, is dressed in a hospital gown struggles to breathe heavily on the one side and on the other being the nurse, she dances and sings along to her patient’s breaths. She regularly posts funny TikTok clips online. But this went too far! The video was staged, and Danyelle played both the role of patient and nurse, she captioned it as “We know when y’all are faking.” Through her videos online, it appeared that Danyelle is a nurse by profession and that even made the matter worse.

Here's the Viral Video:

Twitter went furious at Danyelle’s mockery to patients’ health conditions and even wondered how she must behave with people visiting her with their concerns when she is on duty. While only a section of Twitter supported Danyelle noting that it was only a “joke,” many trolled her on social media. Now with #PatientsAreNotFaking hashtag, people are sharing their horrifying medical experiences where the medical professionals ignored and minimalised their patients’ health conditions.

Netizens Aren't Impressed!

'Patients Are Not Faking' Trends Online:

People Troll Those Who Supported Danyelle's Video:

Awareness to Spur Change!

Listen to Your Patients!

Danyelle came out to Twitterati Followed by Trolls: 

Social media is a fun place for sure, but at times, one needs to perform in an accurate manner. Not every kind of content can be taken as funny. Especially with cases like this, where most of us might have gone through such experiences that only deteriorated our or closed one’s health. The video made was only fun-intended. Some patients might exaggerate their symptoms, but these individual cases should not be viewed as the norm. And that is what Twitterati pointed out!