A recent viral video revealing the process behind making soya chaap has sparked strong reactions among netizens, with many pledging to avoid consuming it in the future. The video, shared on Twitter by user @Abhirajputfit, showcases what some viewers perceive as negative aspects of the soya chaap manufacturing process. Viewers express shock and concern over the procedures shown in the video, prompting a reevaluation of their dietary choices. 'So Unhygienic!' Viral Video Shows Cakes Being Made in Gross Conditions, Netizens Share Angry Reactions (Watch).

Watch The Viral Soya Chaap Manufacturing Video:

Are Soy and Soya Chaap the Same?

It's important to note that while soya and soya chaap both originate from soybeans, they are distinct products. Soya refers to the soybean itself, whereas soya chaap is a specific dish made from soybean protein. Although they share the same source, soya chaap undergoes a processing method to create a unique culinary product.

Soya chaap is typically made from soy protein isolate, which is derived from soybeans. While it does retain some of the nutritional benefits of soybeans, the healthiness of soya chaap largely depends on its preparation and consumption methods.

Soya Chaap: Nutritional Content

On average, 100 grams of soya chaap provides approximately 120 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 13 grams of protein, 11 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of dietary fiber, along with varying levels of sodium.

Is Soya Chaap Healthy?

Experts warn that frequent consumption of soya chaap, particularly when cooked with calorie-rich ingredients like oil, butter, and refined flour, can lead to weight gain. These ingredients are dense in calories and can result in consuming too many calories if not balanced with physical activity or lower-calorie foods. Additionally, deep-frying techniques used in certain recipes can further elevate the calorie count. While soya itself is a protein source, the cooking methods and additional ingredients in soya chaap significantly influence its effect on weight.

Considering the recent scrutiny over its manufacturing process, consumers are advised to be mindful of how soya chaap is prepared and consumed to ensure it aligns with their dietary preferences and health goals.

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