Snow Woman Bride, Farah Made by a Canadian Family Is Our Latest Crush Who Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons
Snow Woman Bride, Farah. (Photo Credits: Twitter/@isha__singh__)

What do you imagine when we say the term snow? A lot of fun throwing snowballs at each other and snowman structures, isn't it? The snowman structure that is very popular and like everything else in the patriarchal society, even a lifeless structure made out of snow is also a male- Frosty. And no one ever thought of something similar. However, let's welcome our own new desi snow woman who is so cool that you'll freeze out admiring. Yes! Recently we had photos of a desi snow woman-bride that going viral and for all the right reasons. Make way for Farah, the desi snow woman in a bridal avatar. She is also called 'Farah the snow Jatti' or 'desi snow girl'. She is dressed in a bright red dupatta, golden ornaments including beautiful jhumkas and neck piece and her eyes flaunt long eyelashes. ‘Don’t Say It’ Memes On Instagram and Twitter Are So Relatable That It Is Crazy!

The picture was shared by a Twitter user who goes by the handle name @isha_singh_ and she had captioned it with, “Forget Frosty the snowman we got Farah the snow Jatti up in here.” In no time it received over 90 k love reacts and has been shared numerous times with lauding captions.

Take a look at the desi snowgirl from Brampton-

Here are some of the reactions that Farah received on Twitter-


Let's make it a norm!





Collectively agree!

Kinda yeah?!

She's a goddess!

We were really done with the carrot-nosed snowman, and this was a much-needed update. What do you think about her? Let us know in the comment section below.