‘Don’t Say It’ Memes On Instagram and Twitter Are So Relatable That It Is Crazy!
Don't say it memes. (Photo Credit: Twitter/Devesh Pandey)

Meme world has revolutionised the entertainment world, and this type of content is spreading smiles everywhere is probably the best thing to happen to the millennials with stressed out mental health. Every week or rather every day you see some new format of memes taking over the internet. We recently were flooded with the famous moth memes and ‘Days without Sex’ Memes that were trending. Memes don't even spare the celebs and movies, like just a few days back the movie 'Thugs of Hindostan' was under the spotlight and before that the Anushka Sharma memes broke the internet from Sui Dhaga. However, the latest one to add to the long list is the 'Don't Say It' Memes. ‘Days without Sex’ Meme Trend Is Taking Over the Internet and It Will Make You ROFL So Hard. 

These memes are really taking over the internet and is everywhere right now! Not only in the western world but even the desi Indian versions are hilarious beyond belief and incredibly relatable. We won't get into explaining how the meme works as they are self-explanatory, just straight away take a look at a few 'Don't say it memes.'

Let's begin with everyone's favourite, Sachin Tendulkar.

This has to be the best one!

Are you guilty of this?

That is my brain.

This has to go!

Beyond relatable!

ROFLing hard!

Indians can't do without this.

Marvel fans say, Ayeee

GOT fans share this right away!

Beyonce love is real, you guys!


These memes don't seem to stop anytime soon. Tell us which one is your favourite meme in the comments section below.