Social Distancing Ad by Ohio Department of Health Wins Praises Online for Describing the Risk of COVID-19 Spread (Watch Video)
Social Distancing Ad by Ohio Department of Health (Photo Credits: @OHdeptofhealth/ Twitter)

The coronavirus spread is increasing every day. The number of cases has crossed one million-mark with over 90,000 deaths across the world. It is a severe infection. Besides, with no immediate vaccination immediately available, the concern increases. Health experts are hence urging people to social distance, the only way to contain the spread. It no longer an option but a practise we must follow during the global crisis. There are a few ads and videos released by health departments and other officials to explain the importance of social distance. But a recent clip by the Ohio Department of Health has won praises online for accurately describing the risk of COVID-19 spread if we do not follow social distancing. Social Distancing Awareness: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Other Brands Tweak Their Logos Encouraging People to Adopt the Practise Amid COVID-19 Crisis. 

The department used ping pong balls for the ad in an attempt to show how it easy for the virus to spread and infect us all if the social distance is not followed. The video begins with the balls placed right next to each other, and the moment one ball drops in, it misplaces the rest of the ping pong balls in a few seconds. In the second attempt, when the balls were kept at a distance, none of them was affected. The Ohio Department of Health, captioned the video with, “Social distancing works. We are all #InThisTogetherOhio.” Social Dis-Dancing! UK Residents Perform ‘Social Distance Street Dance’ Cheerfully, Viral Video Receives Mixed Reactions. 

Watch Video:

At the time of writing this, the video garnered more than four million views with thousands of comments and retweets, all in praise for the display.

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This may not be the most biologically accurate ad, but its intention is clear. And if we follow social distance, we can help flatten the curve in the coming days. Maintain good hygiene and follow the practise of social distancing to curb the spread. We are all in this together!