An astronomical event of Solar Eclipse 2019 will take place on December 26 this year. A solar eclipse also known as Surya Grahan, is when the Moon passes from between the Earth and the Sun and thus blocking the sun rays falling on the planet. So for a small period, there appears darkness on the Earth which has given rise to a lot of myths and superstitions among the people in ancient times. With science, we have learnt the exact process of this event but early humans and indigenous peoples had their own set of beliefs relating to their cultural practices and legendary stories. Ahead of this solar eclipse 2019, we tell you some of the prominent myths and superstitions which are followed in parts of the world.

An annular solar eclipse, a last of this year will take place on December 26 will start by 8:17 AM IST and end around 10:57 AM. This phenomenon is also called the "Ring of Fire," because when the moon covers the sun, an illuminated edge of the sun is visible. Around the many myths of the solar eclipse, there are also certain foods that people are told to avoid eating. Fermented and high-calorie foods are supposed to be avoided until the end of a solar eclipse. Below, we look at some more myths and superstitions from around the world about this annular solar eclipse.

  • In some cultures, during the time of solar eclipse, people gather in large numbers and create a loud din using pots, utensils and spoons. It is an effort to scare away the demon that is causing the eclipse.
  • In ancient Greek legends, Solar eclipse is said to be a cause of angry gods. It is believed to be a beginning of disaster and destruction.
  • A common misconception which is followed even today relates to the pregnant ladies. Moms-to-be are asked to stay inside the house during the time of the eclipse. They are asked to wear some kind of metal to cover their babies as a safety measure. From Tying Nimbu Mirchi to Evil Eye Masks, These 5 Common Indian Superstitions to Ward Evil Eye Have No Religious Backing.
  • Pregnant women are also asked to not eat cooked food from prior to the eclipse.
  • In Transylvania, locals believed that eclipses could cause plague.
  • Armenians believed that the darkness was caused because a dragon swallowed the sun and the moon during an eclipse.
  • In Indonesia, demon spirit Rahu tries to consume the sun but the heat burns his tongue which is when he spits it out.
  • Korean folklore says solar eclipses happen because mythical dogs are trying to steal the Sun.

As you can see, people from around the world have different tales and interpretations regarding the solar eclipse. The spell of darkness (even for a little while) has become the root of all negative ideas forming superstitions about the solar eclipse. The sun has always been the source of light and energy for ancient people so it is looked like a threat if there is a blocking of sunlight.

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