If you have always been intrigued by astronomical occurrences like full moon or eclipses, then exactly a month later, the last solar eclipse of this year will take place. On December 26, 2019, an annular solar eclipse will take, which will also be the last of this year. During the occurrence of Surya Grahan, the new moon will move from the front of the sun, and block the sun for a while. It will appear to cover the sun partially for a brief period and thus make it look like a "ring of fire." Ahead of Solar Eclipse of 2019 or the Annular Solar Eclipse, we tell you more about this phenomenon, the timings, from where it can be seen and how to see it. Total Solar Eclipse 2019 Photos: Stunning Captures of Surya Grahan From Around the World (See Pictures).

This annular eclipse occurrence is called the "Ring of Fire". It is when the moon will cover the surface of the sun's center and cast a shadow on the earth. So the outer edges of the sun will be appear illuminated, with the moon in the middle. It is thus called as the "ring of fire." Foods You Should Avoid During Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan (Watch Video).

Date and Timings of Solar Eclipse

The last solar eclipse of 2019 will take place on December 26. As per reports, the partial solar eclipse will start by 8:17 AM IST and end around 10:57 AM. The peak point, where the eclipse will be at maximum is 9:31 AM. The moon will pass from the edge by 11:05 AM.

Places From Where The Solar Eclipse Will be Visible

Depending on the location, one will get the best view of the solar eclipse. People living in the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, north-western Australia, and southern and eastern parts of Asia will be able to see this astronomical event. In India, the best place to witness the ring of fire is in the southern states of Kerala Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The eclipse will go from the west coast towards the south-east. The maximum obstruction can be seen from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

How to Watch This Solar Eclipse

One should never look at the solar eclipse directly as it can affect your vision. There are special eclipse glasses available which are the best to view the sun.  Besides, certain observatories hold special screening events to observe the celestial event. They have better equipment, telescopes and pinhole cameras which make it easier to watch the solar eclipse.

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