Student in Manchester Begs for a Condom on Facebook, Gets One Delivered to His Doorstep Within Minutes
Condom (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Social media can be really helpful at times, thanks to the quicker connections with a wider network. A 21-year-old student realised the power of the network when he got a condom delivered to him from a stranger in the time of need! A student at the University of Manchester named Jamie Innes, resorted to desperate measures when he wanted a condom within an hour's time. Innes posted on a student Facebook page asking for a spare condom and someone actually delivered it to his doorstep. Endangered Species Condom Packages by Center for Biological Diversity Are Creatively Spreading Message on Saving Wildlife (See Pictures). 

He posted on Facebook that he was in a desperate need of a condom and had less than an hour. He mentioned his locality and within 20 minutes he got a contraceptive! The stranger actually gave him the contraception delivered to him in Manchester. The stranger was on his way home when he saw Jamie's post. Jamie mentioned about this incident in a report. He was quoted, "When I posted online, it was a genuine request. I knew somebody would respond as everybody has banter in that group. I was at the girls house and she was the one who had ran out of condoms. She messaged her house group chat, but nobody ended up replying."

The girl was laughing when Jamie told her he was posting on Facebook about it. She found it hilarious and was shocked when a stranger actually was so quick to reply and come as a saviour. The Facebook student page is common of such banter so Jamie resorted to using it. A guy named Mathew messaged him since he had a spare condom. They had a quick exchange and under 20 minutes, Jamie had the contraceptive delivered to him. Needless to say, he was more than happy with it and though the girl was shocked it sufficed for their need of pleasure just in time.