Surat Horror! Man Dies After Eunuchs Thrash Him For Failing to Give Rs 11,000 for His Newborn's Blessings
Eunuchs | Representative Image. (Photo Credit: PTI)

Surat, September 9: In a shocking incident, the father of a newborn in Surat succumbed to injuries after being thrashed by eunuchs on Monday. The eunuchs (transgender people) allegedly thrashed the man after he denied them the amount of money they had asked for, i.e. Rs 11,000. Mentally Ill Patient Swallows Forks, Spoons, Toothbrush and Jewels in Cairo, Doctors Recover Items From Stomach After Surgery

According to the incident, the victim has been identified as Gahrilal Khatik -- a resident of Mansarovar Society in Surat’s Goradara. Kathik was a father to two girls. On Saturday, three eunuchs turned up at his place and asked him Rs 11,000 in the wake of blessings for his newborn son.

After a brief argument, Khatik offered them to pay Rs 2,100, instead of Rs 11,000. Angry with the response of Khatik, the eunuchs created havoc and stripped off their clothes. To avoid embarrassment and ensure that the festive mood at his house is not disrupted, Khatik borrowed Rs 7,000 from his neighbours. But enraged eunuch refused to relent and started thrashing Khatik.

With things going out of control, family members and locals intervened; however, the eunuchs allegedly banged his head into a wall. This resulted in severe brain injuries Khatik, who was rushed to the hospital. He later succumbed to injuries. The three accused eunuchs have been arrested.