Taiwanese health officials were spotted in pink face masks at a press conference on Monday. The officials wore the coloured mask in response to Sunday's press conference, in which a reporter mentioned that many boys are refusing to wear pink masks to school as they were being teased by other classmates during coronavirus pandemic. With boys refusing to wear the masks, parents are worried their kids might be infected by the coronavirus. Following which, in the next press conference, breaking gender stereotypes, officials from Taiwan's Epidemic Command Centre led by Health Minister Chen Shih-chung arrived at the daily press conference wearing pink face masks challenging gender-appropriate norms. How to Make Face Mask Using Cotton Bandana and Hair Ties at Home Without Sewing! Watch Easy Step-by-Step DIY Tutorial.

Talking at the conference, Chen said, "It's fine for a man to wear pink!" He also said that "pink is for everyone." He further said that his favourite cartoon as a child had even been "The Pink Panther." Taiwan, which has succeeded in limiting the virus to just five deaths despite the island's proximity and ties with China, warned the WHO on December 31 of human-to-human transmission, Vice President Chen Chien-Jen has said. Chen concluded, "Everyone can wear any colour of the mask. Pink is actually a good colour!" Gender-Neutral 'They' Pronoun Is The Word Of The Decade! All the Words You Need To Add To Your Vocabulary for Gender-Fluid Communication

Taiwan Legislator, Wang Ting-yu MP posted a picture of the officials and wrote, "In response to parents' concern that their sons are afraid to wear pink face masks to school, officials from Taiwan's Epidemic Command Centre led by Health Minister Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) today showed up at daily presser wearing pink face masks to challenge gender norms."

Taiwan Health Officials in Pink Face Mask:

The comments came as Taiwan reported five more coronavirus cases on Monday rising the total cases at 393. A total of 114 patients have been released from isolation while the rest continue to be hospitalised, according to authorities. While thousands of deaths have been reported across countries, only six deaths related to the virus have been recorded since February in Taiwan, a country neighbouring China. though – in a sign of the pandemic slowing – the island reported zero new cases on Tuesday.

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