Telangana: Toll Plaza Employee Gets Thrashed With a Slipper Over Extra Charges, Video Goes Viral
Unidentified man thrashing the toll plaza employee with a slipper profusely in Telangana. (Photo Credit: ANI)

Hyderabad, March 16: In an embarrassing incident, a toll plaza employee in Telangana’s Sangareddy district was thrashed with a slipper by an unidentified man on Friday. The incident took place after an alleged argument broke out between the two about the toll charges and it was caught on the CCTV camera. Police have registered the complaint and probing the incident.

According to the incident, after an argument over the toll charges, the unidentified man got down from his vehicle and entered the toll office – situated in Sangareddy district of Telangana. With the argument between the two went out of control, the unidentified man started thrashing the toll plaza employee with a slipper profusely. BJP MP Sharad Tripathi Beats Own Party MLA Rakesh Baghel With Shoes at Meeting in Uttar Pradesh, Watch Video. 

Soon the other employees of the toll plaza entered the office and rescued the fellow mate, which somehow managed the situation at that time. Police were called, and a case was registered against him. Since the whole incident was captured on the CCTV camera, the man couldn’t deny that he thrashed the toll plaza employee.

The incident reminds of the scuffle that took place between BJP MP Sharad Tripathi and his own party MLA Rakesh Singh Baghel in UP's Sant Kabir Nagar earlier this month. In the meeting, taking place at the office of Collectorate, Tripathi beat Baghel with shoes and the incident was captured in the camera.