This Bengali Bride Breaking Stereotypes by Saying 'You Can Never Repay Parents' Debts' During Wedding Ritual Wins Internet's Heart (Watch Video)
Bengali bride (Photo Credits: Múm Mùm Facebook)

Video of a Bengali bride's rational twist to her traditional wedding has gone viral on social media. In a popular traditional ritual called Kanakanjali, the bride while leaving home holds rice in her hand and throws it back saying, she is repaying all her debts. However, this bride refuses to say it and instead says she can never repay her parents' debts. Her comment is cheered by a few guests at the wedding.

She leaves her home smiling against the popularly accepting 'crying moment'. While marriages are an emotional moment for most people generally followed by brides crying, this one wave at her family with a big smile. She tells them she will visit them whenever she feels like making all guests at the wedding laugh. She leaves the wedding venue like no other bride you have seen before. Wedding Called Off After Families Fight as Bride Refuses to Cover Head in MP's Ratlam.

Watch the video below:

As the video went viral, the bride was praised for her sassy replies. Most people commended her courage to break stereotypes related to brides. She was also showered with applauded for saying that no one can repay what parents do for their children and definitely not through an effortless ritual.

The video of his happy Bengali bride in bright red Benarasi saree has been shared widely on social media. After a few popular Facebook pages posted it, the clip has received a lot of likes. One one of the pages, the video has received over 40,000 likes and more than 70,700 shares at the time of publishing this article.