This Dusshera 2019, Burn These Inner Demons Along With Ravana Dahan
Dussehra 2019 Ravan Dahan (Photo Credits: File Photo)

The nine-day festival of Navaratri comes to an end today with another festive occasion of Dusshera. A day that once again reiterates the victory of good over evil and restoring faith in one's dharma. After worshipping nine forms of Maa Durga in the last nine days, the day of Vijayadashami or Dasara also reveres victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. It is believed that defeating the ten-headed Ravana also coins the name of the festival to Dusshera. So one of the prominent ways of celebrating the festival is burning the effigies of Ravana as a significance of destroying the evil. In modern times, as we enthusiastically are a part of these celebrations, it is also a time we should peek into our inner demons. Not only the Ravana effigy, but some of our negativities also need to be burned down for our own good. Dussehra 2019: Ramlila and Ravan Dahan – Know The History and Significance of The Vijayadashami Events.

Human behaviour is complex and each of us is made differently, reacts differently, thinks differently which makes us unique. But we gather our learnings from what we see around us, not all of it is a good sign. We become a part of the race to prove ourselves, in a race to beat someone and prove our superiority. In this competitive nature, we pick on some things which are really hampering to our self-growth. This Dusshera, why don't we try and eliminate at least some of those evils which we may not even realise are stopping us.


Harbouring an ego can give rise to several other negative emotions which do more harm than good. Anger, resentment, fear often rise from a hurt ego and there is a constant need to prove yourself right or superior to others. Burn that ego down before it starts ruining your relationships. Best Places to Watch Ravan Dahan and Vijayadashami Events in Mumbai, Delhi with Timings.

Social Validation

The features of likes, shares, retweets have made us more competitive and not in a good way. Most people now rely on their Facebook friends or Instagram followers to make an opinion of themselves. There is an unusual craving for social validation and not getting it can cause insecurities. Why is a certain number defining 'good' or 'bad'? Why do 'likes' and 'shares' become standards of judgment? Stop seeking validation online, be confident as you are, unfiltered. Turn off those notifications, switch off the internet and live a simpler life forming your own perceptions.

Self Doubt

Relying on too much of social validation, comparing your success with others can creep in self-doubt than improvement. Looking at someone else's life and considering it as a perfect way of living, breeds doubt on your own abilities. Rise confidently and put all those doubtful thoughts into the fire. Let the raging flames only inspire you to burn your inner flame and rise to improvement. Dussehra 2019: NEVER Do These 5 Things That Bring Bad Luck on Vijayadashami.


It is easy to see what others are up to, compare your way of living and feel jealous. But jealousy is one of the most damaging emotions which affects not only you but even those around. It brings in other negative feelings and causes discomfort in being your own. Why are we comparing your own value with regards to what others have achieved? Burn all your jealousies for whatsoever reason and let only positive vibes come in.


ll of the above things combined, give rise to an insecure mind, one of the toughest periods to be in. As much as we deny, all of us have those moments of insecurities, where nothing seems to be going right. Nights are difficult as your thoughts cannot stop breeding negative ideas. And it is probably one of the toughest things to gain control over, but that's an inner demon that needs to be destroyed in the bud. An insecure mind can pop up 10 heads like Ravana and it needs to burn today.

These are some of the inner demons which most of us are selectively breeding or come across. Eliminating these negative thoughts is crucial for your victory. As we all look up to the victory of good over evil, this Dusshera peak into your inner demons and burn them as effigies. And as the formal messages say, happiness and prosperity would follow. Wish you all a Happy Dusshera 2019!