23 Oct, 21:37 (IST)

A woman in Canada got a surprise visit by five bears. As soon as she stepped out onto her porch, she found five bears casually playing in the front yard of her home.Watch Video:

23 Oct, 20:42 (IST)

Halloween 2020 is approaching and people have already began with the spooky decorations. A photo of pumpkins carved in the spookiest way possible has now gone viral giving scary chills to everyone.View Pic:

23 Oct, 19:34 (IST)

A video of a dog wearing face mask has gone viral. The clip from Dublin, Ireland shows a woman taking her dog for a walk, where the pooch was wearing a face mask.Watch Video:

23 Oct, 18:23 (IST)

A puppy was born with a green fur in Italy. A video of this cute pup has been shared online. See The Video Here:

23 Oct, 17:25 (IST)

A video of two cats playing a game of spinning around on a stool has been shared online. One cat is seen helping the other, the video is too cute.Check it Here:

23 Oct, 15:57 (IST)

An adorable clip of a dog playing a game of pool has been shared online. It is going viral as people love his perfect move.Check the Video Here:

23 Oct, 14:26 (IST)

Messaging app WhatsApp introduced a new feature that mutes chats forever. Following this update, people celebrated with memes and jokes. Know more here.Check Memes:

23 Oct, 13:29 (IST)

On  Maha Saptami, people have taken to Twitter sharing  Maha Saptami wishes and greetings. October 23 marks the seventh day of Navratri celebrations this year. Devi Kalratri is worshipped on the seventh day.Check Out The Tweets Below:

Happy Maha Saptami!

23 Oct, 12:01 (IST)

Kittur Chennamma known as the Queen of Kittur was one of the first Indian rulers to lead an armed rebellion against the British East India Company in 1824. She was born on October 23, 1778, and passed away on February 1829.Check Out the Tweets Below:

It's Kittur Chennamma 242nd Birth Anniversary:

23 Oct, 10:40 (IST)

International Snow Leopard Day is observed on October 23 to create awareness about protecting the endangered animal. Snow leopards which are rare in the wild are reducing in numbers due to poaching, human-wild conflict and habit loss among other reasons.Check Out The Tweets Below:

Happy Snow Leopard Day!

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Subho Saptami, everyone and Happy Navratri! Durga Puja and Navratri 2020 celebration are ongoing. This year’s celebration is a bit different. Like other festivals, the pandemic has overshadowed the joy of the festivity, but the pujo spirit is alive. People are sharing festival greetings on social media. In addition, #FridayThoughts and #FridayMessages are already running as the top trending hashtags on the internet. In this blog, we will bring you all the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day. To know what netizens are sharing on October 23, stay tuned with this blog.

Every day, social media is filled with all the latest updates. Be it important news, or events like the traditional festivities; netizens never fail to recognize it. In addition, there are many videos that have the potential to go viral. It could be a cute baby or animal videos that have caught everyone's attention. So anything that lands on the trending page across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit will be updated on this social viral live blog.

To know what the latest trend on social media is, follow this blog, as we will bring you all the trending topics from the internet world. Meanwhile, we hope that you enjoy the festive season, while following all the required guidelines. Happy Thursday, everyone!