Two-Headed Deer With One Dead Head Found by a Hunter in Kentucky, View Pics!
A hunter killed a two-faced deer in Kentucky (Photo credits: Facebook)

Hunters cannot be always sure about what they will catch on a day. But a Kentucky based hunter Bob Long had to check his prey twice to be sure what he had shot at. Bob Long aimed at a group of antlers but shot at a two-headed deer! When he went near his kill, he could not believe what he saw. The shocking incidence took place in Ballard County. What's rarer to this deer was one of its head was dead and decomposing. Conjoined Two-Headed Stillborn Deers Found in Minnesota will Soon be Displayed for Public Viewing. 

It was found that the second head was of another dead deer. It was truly a rare harvest, as something never seen before was found, in fact, it is still unclear how another dead deer's head was attached to the one that was shot. Talking about his rare target Bob was quoted to a report, "This is a once in a lifetime thing to happen if you’re a hunter." The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources posted the rare animal killing on their Facebook page. ‘Rare’ Blue Whale Caught and Killed by Icelandic Whaling Company.

View Picture of the Bizzare Two-Faced Deer, With One Dead Head of Another Deer!

The oddity has not surprisingly created a buzz on social media. The photos have been shared by many while others are pretty amused to see the bizarre looking deer, which is unfortunately dead. How these two heads intertwined was a topic of discussion and one of the speculations suggested that two males may have been rutting when one of them was killed. Antlers are known to fight head to head and this could be possible. While it is thought to be an unique kill, the hunter community did not find it as amusing. One of the hunters commented he too found something similar a year ago.