US Blogger Shocked to Find Article of Her Looking for Indian Husband and the Root Cause Maybe a Forgotten Profile on Indian Matrimonial Site
Anna (Photo Credits: glitterandlazers Instagram)

Fashion blogger Anna couldn't believe her eyes when she read a news article saying that she was looking for an Indian husband. It alleged that Anna O'Brien was a millionaire and a Russian supermodel. As the article grabbed many eyeballs, Anna started receiving messages from 'Indian' men proposing to her for marriage. Clearly not interested in the messages or the men she decided to address the issue.

In a video titled 'I'm a Rich Russian Model Seeking an Indian Husband' on her YouTube channel, Anna describes the entire fiasco including why and how Indian men assumed they would be good marriage prospects for her. Fake News Menace: WhatsApp Assigns 20 Research Teams to Curb Misinformation Globally, Including India.

While the root cause is a fake news article titled 'This millionaire wants to model a marriage with an Indian, that's just to be done' published on August 13, 2018, written in Hindi, there is another reason how her name and information ended up as a news article.

News Article on Anna
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And FYI, Anna is American who lives in New York. She is a Public Speaker, fashion blogger and has written several books.


Watch her video below:

It all began from the time when Anna worked in India for some time. One of her friends was getting married and the match was found of On enquiring, she was told that it is the Tinder for arranged marriages where parents choose their children's partners. Quite curious by her findings, she decided to create a profile for herself on the matrimonial site. In the video, Anna says that her colleagues created a profile for her. Eventually, they all forgot about it, but after years this is what the account resulted in.