If there is one thing that definitely makes social media a fun space, it is the funny memes and jokes. Every few days, we have new memes being made, and all it needs is one format to go viral. A recent meme template, which is more of a video format is the Vibing Cat or the CatJam. The meme features, a cat grooving to the tunes of visually impaired Turkish drummer and musician Bilal Göregen. The street drummer and singer is singing a Finnish couplet Ievan Polkka. The video of cat vibing to Ievan Polkka went viral and soon became a viral meme format. So if you want more details about the song and the drummer/singer, in this article we tell you all about the viral meme format. Vibing Cricketers, Vibing Cat! ICC Wins Funny Meme Game That Has Cat Vibing to Bilal Goregen's Ievan Polkka Rendition.

Coming to the origin, Bilal Göregen is a visually challenged street artist from Turkey. He's a street musician who plays a musical instrument called a Darbuka, similar to a tambourine. The musician originally uploaded his video of singing an old Finnish song Ievan Polkka two years ago. Recently, someone added a cat video over it, which looks like the cat is perfectly vibing to the tunes of his songs. And it went viral to become one of the famous meme formats today. Binod Meme Origin Explained: These 11 Binod Memes on Twitter Will Crack You Up After YouTuber Slayy Point Video Takes Dig at Comments Section!

Watch Video of Original Song Ievan Polkka:

Check The Song Sung by Turkish Drummer:

Here's The Latest Meme Video Format:

After this video went viral, a lot of people even started listening to Bilal's original track. And with the increase in his popularity in the last few days, he made a rendition of popular Hindi song Kaliyon ka Chaman. That video is also going viral on social media.

Check Bilal Göregen's Kaliyon Ka Chaman Rendition Video:

The above video has also impressed netizens with his own style of singing and drumming along his instrument. But now, it is the Vibing Cat Ievan Polkka to which they are vibing more to. Given the cat's expression and the tunes, we cannot help too.

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