The animal kingdom is beautiful, but sometimes it can be a little strange. In the latest news, a crocodile is reported to have made herself pregnant. The crocodile lived in a zoo without any contact with a male and yet got pregnant on her own. Here's everything to know about Costa Rica Zoo's virgin crocodile that got herself pregnant.

'Virgin Birth' in a Crocodile?

The rare case of 'virgin birth' in a crocodile species has been found for the very first time in the history of this concept. The rare phenomenon of 'virgin birth' has been found in species of fish, birds and other reptiles, but never before in crocodiles. Stunt With Crocodile Goes Horribly Wrong! Man Puts His Foot Inside Crocodile’s Mouth, What Happens Next Will Leave You Terrified (Watch Video).

What Happened to Costa Rica's Virgin Crocodile?

A crocodile which was kept in captivity in a zoo in Costa Rica, was found to be pregnant. This incident has stunned scientists as they have now found the rare instance of 'virgin birth' in a crocodile for the very first time.

The scientists studied this phenomenon and mentioned that the virgin crocodile was kept in captivity in a zoo and had no contact with males. In fact, the virgin crocodile had no contact with males for about 16 years. Surprisingly, a fully-formed foetus was discovered inside one of the crocodile's eggs. Crocodile Spotted Crossing Road in Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg, Panic Grips Locals After Viral Video Surfaces.

This new discovery has stunned people around the globe as the concept of 'virgin birth' is a surprisingly new phenomenon for many. The scientists further studied this rare instance of 'virgin birth' and found that the foetus was 99.9% genetically identical to the mother. The scientists have published this story in the form of Biology letters titled Discovery of Facultative Parthenogenesis in a New World Crocodile.

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