A Virginia family who were bored sitting at home due to the coronavirus lockdown, went for a ride and found two bags of cash amounting to nearly USD 1 million. In what looks straight out of a movie, David and Emily Schantz of Caroline County were driving with their children and found the bags lying out in the middle of the street. Earlier they thought it was trash and ran over it, but later realised there was money inside. The incident happened on Saturday when they were driving near Caroline County on Saturday. Schantz who saw the bags on the middle of the street, presuming it to trash, picked it up and tossed it to the back of their pickup truck. It was only later the Schantz family saw that the two bags contained around $1m in cash. Michigan Man Finds $43,000 in a Secondhand Couch He Bought for $35, Returns the Amount to Its Owner.

She then contacted Caroline County police, who went to the address to investigate the incident. Sheriff's major Scott Moser told WTVR, "They found out they’d been riding around all day with almost a million dollars in the truck. To have someone so honest give that million dollars back was exceptional on their part. Their two sons were there with them, [we] put the police lights on just for them, we are very proud of them and they really represent this county. Man Buys Storage Unit of $500 From ‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson; Finds $7.5 Million Hidden Cash Inside.

Police are currently investigating to find out the owner of the money left on the road in Goochland County. They suspect that the money belonged to the US Postal Service as were en route to a bank. Moser also said that coped the owner of the money would offer some reward to the family for their honesty.

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