Woman Spray Paints Abuses and Breaks Windows of Man’s Mercedes-Benz S63 Worth Rs 2 Crore (Watch Video)
Mercedes Benz (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

A woman vandalised a man's car parked in an Adelaide street, Australia beyond measure. The luxury Mercedes Benz S63 worth AU $400,000 (Rs 2 crore) was spray painted with words like "cheater", "slut" and "man-whore" on the sides. After writing the offensive words, she even smashed the car's windows. Eye-witnesses said that the woman was calm while doing the act.

According to reports, the woman drove up in a Mercedes G Wagon before 12.30pm and spray painted it. She then returned to her car and took a baseball bat out of it. The woman proceeded to hit the glass windows with it.

Witnesses told The Advertiser, "She took to the car with a bat, smashed up the mirrors on the side that says 'cheater'. This is a reason why you probably park your car in a private carpark and if you want the security of apartment living you should probably secure your car as well." The owner of the car was nowhere to be seen while she carried out the act. The woman then got into her car and drove away.

As per a Daily Mail report, the owner of the vehicle has not yet known about the incident. Meanwhile, South Australia Police spokesperson said that they are aware of the incident and will be informing the owner of the car. A formal complaint has not been made.