As we bid goodbye to Christmas, we cannot wait to welcome the New year 2020. This new year is extraordinary. It is not only the end of the year 2019, but also an entire decade comes to an end! Yes, the millennials will know the feeling of having had experienced a WHOLE DECADE, as an adult! Well, talking about millennials MEMES, MEMES and more MEMES! Funny memes ruled the decade grabbing our attention for the longest time while helping us avoid social contact to the maximum. However, what memes ruled the past decade? Well, that can be compiled into a book, but memes that ruled 2019? God, there are some really epic ones. Funny JCB Ki Khudai Memes Flood Twitter but Why Is #JCBKiKhudayi Video Going Viral and Trending in India?

We can safely say, that millennials around the world are divided by borders, but united by memes. However, some of the desi memes that took over the internet, last year, have a world of their own. None other than a true desi at heart will understand these memes! A lot happened this year, right from, "JCB ki Khudayi" that had the internet hooked to the "Angry Pakistani fan" that became our reaction to practically everything this, 2019 was kinda epic! Check out the best desi memes that defined 2019:

The Year 2019 Started with JCB Ki Khudai Taking Over The Internet Just like Priya Prakash Warrier's Wink!

How Can You Possibly Forget, The Scared Man Paragliding shouting "Land Kara de, Bhai" on the top of his lungs!

Priyanka Chopra's Camp Outfit for Met Gala 2019!

Remember the "Really, Really, Really" Memes?

This Year Also Saw The ICC Cricket World Cup and Then Came a Swarm of Memes But The Winner Was the "Disappointed Pakistani Fan"

And the Other Pakistani Fan who Won Hearts!

KL Rahul Celebrating

When "Yelling Woman" and "Clueless Cat" Got a Desi Twist!

Virat Kohli Going Viral As Usual!

Renuka Sahane Falling Off The Stairs Scene From Hum Apke Hain Kaun

People Before Things Were Invented!

Desi people are seriously the funniest, I mean talk about self-deprecatory jokes, or making fun of legit anyone, we don't back-off. I mean, Indians can make hilarious memes out of frikkin' JCB!!! Really, there is just no end to things that we find funny. Once a desi, always a desi. You never go back from having a desi version of ANYTHING on Earth!

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