Lionel Messi Meets a Fan Down the Street, Barcelona Star Poses for a Picture With Him (See Pics)
Lionel Messi (Photo Credits: IANS)

Football stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo do not disappoint their fans. The Internet is flooded with instances where these football starts have not only been courteous but also have obliged with selfies an autographs. We stumbled upon one such incident where the Barcelona met a fan named Santiago Alberione down the street in Castelldefels, the area where the legendary Argentinean lives. Messi was in quite a good mood and obliged the fan with a selfie and an autograph. BAR 2 - GET 0 | Barcelona vs Getafe.

The fan was so touched by his humility that he not only posted a picture of himself with the Barcelona legend but also, wrote a letter. “An unforgettable day for someone who believes in an athlete. If you are anti-Messi, I hope you aren't even reading this. Today I fulfilled one of my greatest dreams, I met Lionel Andres Messi. I had the luck to take a photo with him and take a gift home which will be the most symbolic and historic that I could have related to sport."

He further stated, "The long-awaited moment came in Castelldefels around 09:00. I see this short guy with his weird shorts crossing the road and coming over to where I was, my heart went to eight beats a second, my throat went dry and the voice went weird when I told myself - here comes the flea, yes, it's Messi!!!!!! Next thing I ask with a lot of respect if I can take a photo with him, apologising for invading his privacy."

He also said that Messi was bothered at all and he even went on to sign a shirt for him. Needless to say that the fan was on cloud nine and stated that he was the happiest guy in the universe.