As a society, we have entered the new age of the digital economy. The internet has created convenience for obtaining any product at just the click of a button! While e-commerce, however, has been on the rise for the last few years, recent events have proven to be helpful to the exponential growth of online shopping and the conversion from brick-and-mortar to online businesses.

While many businesses offer affiliate marketing and commission-based products, BuyGoods is the undisputed leader at this pace.

BuyGoods is an online marketplace where product creators can sell pretty much everything. From digital products such as ebooks, videos, or software to physical products such as fitness bracelets, supplements or blankets, to a global audience of potential customers. It's used by people who want to start their own product-based business without any upfront costs. BuyGoods selects products that qualify its criteria, then proceeds to buy those products on wholesale and sell them direct-to-consumer.  From traffic to fulfillment and customer support, BuyGoods does it all.  

BuyGoods serves as a one-stop-shop for online retailing. It aims to serve as a platform that connects online buyers with products they love.  

It was Andrei Covaci, CEO of BuyGoods, who worked with his team to delight customers and catapult the business well into nine-figures.  BuyGoods continually comes up with new ways to improve the user experience. For example, after introducing Paypal as an option for customers, BuyGoods increased the volume of orders for the sales funnels by four times as much.

BuyGoods also has a system set in place for shopping-cart abandonment, that assists in identifying abandoned customers, facilitating the process of reaching out to them and helping complete the order.  This is one of the many tactics that significantly increases product sales.

So now the question begs: is BuyGoods for you? The answer is yes! With its ease of use and increased convenience for customers and sellers, BuyGoods keeps its partners best interests in mind. They stick by their core principle that states that BuyGoods only makes money if their partners make money. 

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, BuyGoods doesn’t work with any product owner under the sun.  The company has an extensive selection committee designed to protect its end customers and traffic partners.  BuyGoods looks to work with the best in every product category. If you are a product owner with a strong product, contact BuyGoods for more details about their exclusive program.